Misty Windows? Broken or Damaged Seals?

This is a common issue that anyone with double-glazed windows may have already experienced at least once in the lifetime of their units.

Nevertheless, it’s something that is best taken care of quickly, and with WDRS, you can get your misty windows fixed fast.

Early Warning Signs of Problems with Double Glazing

Misted up windows are a tell-tale sign of a bigger problem with your windows. At first, they may only appear to be slightly steamy or misty; but things always progress in one direction from here. When double-glazed windows start to gather mist internally, you need to take action.

Here’s why.

When the internal glass becomes misty, steamy or foggy; this is often the result of a fundamental failure of the protective seals. This is also why condensation will start to form between the two windows.

With the worsening deterioration that follows, the cloudiness of the window will worsen, and other mechanisms within the window might also start to fail.

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What Causes Broken and Misted Double Glazing?

More often than not, the damage that is caused by the weather is usually responsible for broken seals in windows. A double-glazed window frame is purpose-built to allow for expansion in the warmth and contraction in the cooler months. However, over time, this can result in the seals becoming loose. This looseness then allows the air to enter into any gaps; the resultant effect is misting in the windows.

Although regular maintenance can enable you to spot the problem quickly and help to extend the life of your units, broken and sealed units are fairly commonplace.

If you are considering getting new windows and doors for your home, it is always best to work with a fully accredited company, because choosing the right windows and doors can make a big difference to the speed in which issues may arise. Getting a quality window installation from a trusted supplier can help you avoid getting lower-quality windows which could be prone to faults or easily damaged.

If you have noticed misty windows or you think your seals might be broken, WDRS can assist. We will send a member of our team to you directly to help you locate the source of the problem.

We Fix Misty Windows Quickly and Affordably

At WDRS, all of our work is always carried out by our own team and is fully guaranteed. We are experienced, certified, and accredited and know how to repair broken and misted sealed units in any type of windows or doors.

When you choose WDRS, not only do you get highly competitive prices, you get the highest quality of work, guaranteed.

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