Letter Boxes

At WDRS, we provide everything you might need for your front door furniture needs. From the elaborate, to functional, to unique; we provide high-quality letterboxes installations for all styles and sizes of doors.

  • Traditional Letterboxes
  • Wall-Mounted Letterboxes
  • Lockable Letterboxes
  • Secure Letterboxes
  • Weatherproof Letterboxes
  • Commercial Letterboxes

If you buy a letterbox online, we can come out and install it for you professionally and securely. For a new door, where you require a specific style of letterbox to be fitted before your door gets installed; you can trust the team at WDRS to provide you with a comprehensive service that is carried out by experience door specialists. Whether you need a vertical, horizontal, spring opening or traditional flap letterbox; we have a range of solutions to suit all budgets and tastes.

Tips for Choosing the Best Letterbox

While many people are happy to stick with the letterbox that comes pre-installed with their door; there are more options than people believe, and in most cases, upgraded a letterbox can help improve the visual appeal of door, it can help with reducing drafts, and upgrading your letterbox is often more affordable than you might think.

Size Matters

A standard letterbox will serve a general purpose; it is usually very basic and somewhat minimalistic in style. For some people who receive business post or larger parcels on a regular basis; the size of their letterbox could be too small; resulting in additional trips to the local post office or constant visits to nearby neighbours in order to retrieve packages and parcels which could have otherwise been delivered, if only there was a larger letterbox in place.

The vast majority of standard letterboxes were only ever intended to receive smaller letters; for those who get magazines, parcels, newspapers, and more; getting a larger, deeper post box is an appealing option.

Reducing Drafts

Upgrading your letterbox to one which has a built-in draft excluder can help to prevent unwanted drafts around the home, it can fix the problem of a cold entrance or hallway in a home, and it can improve the overall energy efficiency in a home too. A letterbox that has a spring-operated flap can really help to cut down on these drafts in a home.

Wall Mounted Letterboxes

If you are upgrading your door or you require additional privacy at the entrance to your home; you might want to consider an external letterbox; such as a standalone or wall mounted box. Not only can this reduce unwanted noise at the door of your property, but they are also highly secure lockable letterbox solutions that can improve privacy and if you have children or pets in a property. It can also help to prevent damage to, or lost pieces of mail.

Letterbox Styling

If you are buying a letterbox for an existing door, then you need to consider the style of the letterbox carefully. Consider how it might change the look of the door and try to match it up with any other door furniture that you might already have in place. Not all letterbox styles are created equally, and if you have a modern door, then opting for brushed steel or clean plastic are two popular choices for this purpose.

If you need assistance sourcing the right type of letterbox to fit your door, or you would simply like confirmation that we can install your letterbox when it arrives; please feel free to get in touch with a member of our team today.