Door Servicing and Realignment

If you have noticed your door starting to catch at the bottom, top or the side, then you need to consider getting your doors aligned. In many cases, people will usually begin to notice when it gets warm outside, or the sun is shining things start to get worse.

There are a number of things that can cause your doors to become misaligned, and determining the issue is the first step in the process.

How to know if you need to get your UPVC Doors realigned

  • If there are gaps between the frame and door
  • If the door is not level
  • If the corners on the door are not aligned

If any of the above apply to you, then your property would benefit from door servicing and realignment.

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Why is it important to maintain proper alignment with Upvc Doors?

Having a proper door alignment enables the doors in your property to open and close more smoothly, but it can also prevent unwanted drafts around the house, and it increases the chances of untimely wear and tear.

Door Hinges and Realignment

There are typically three different varieties of hinges that are used with uPVC doors.


This type of hinge will only enable you to make lateral and height adjustments.

Butt Hinges

These are usually found on older doors, and they are limiting as to the amendments that can be made. Typically, they will either allow you to make a lateral change or no change at all. Therefore, if you have one of these hinges and you need to make a height adjustment, then a new hinge will be needed in order to allow this change to happen.

Flag Hinges

The majority of modern uPVC doors will come with a flag hinge. This allows a much greater degree of flexibility, as it gives you the option to make compression, lateral, and height adjustments.

In terms of finding the best type of hinge for a uPVC door, the flag hinges are usually the go-to choice because they allow for a much wider scale of adjustment if they are required as the door ages.

UPVC Door Servicing in London

At WDRS, we offer cost-effective services for all uPVC doors. As specialists in the repair, upkeep, and installation of all uPVC products, we have decades of collective experience across all type of products.

Regardless of the type of doors you have or their condition, getting them serviced could help to prolong the lifetime of the door, and it can also help improve the quality of their fitting which can reduce any drafts around the home and improve their overall efficiency.

If you would like us to provide a free quotation for uPVC door serving or for the realignment of the doors in your home, we are ready, willing, and able to help you.

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