Triple Glazing

At WDRS, we are experts in the sourcing, supply, and installation. From a financial and environmental perspective, upgrading your windows to triple glazing brings numerous benefits.

If you are trying to establish the best home improvements to boost your quality of living and balancing this with getting a return on your investment, upgrading your windows to triple glazing is a sound choice.

Triple Glazed Windows offer increased durability, making them longer lasting and better able to contend with external elements, such as the heat and weather.


What Are The Benefits?

  • Long-lasting, robust home window solution
  • Visually Appealing
  • Better home security
  • Reduced Drafts and Cold Spots
  • Improved Home Efficiency Ratings
  • No Condensation
  • Adds Value to the Property

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Can Increase the Value of a Property?

When you install triple glazing in your home, you might be looking to improve the overall efficiency of the house, along with enhancing its visual appeal. Both of these aspects can add value to a property and improve the quality of living as well.

Given the average window installation of triple glazing can last between 20-30 years, it delivers a demonstrable return on investment.

How Are Triple Glazed Windows Different?

One of the biggest differences between double and triple glazed windows is that a triple glazed window cannot be retrofitted within an existing frame. They are manufactured specifically to fit the style and shape of your home.

When they are manufactured, they are produced in a very highly controlled environment to ensure their integrity and efficiency is of the utmost standards. When assembled, they are done so as a completely sealed unit, rather than individual panels. From the spacers to the frame, each piece is custom made to the precise size requirements of your home. This process is what makes them more efficient than any other type of glazed unit.

Can You Only Get uPVC frames for Triple Glazed Windows?

Just like with any other type of window, there is a range of frame choices to choose from. These include aluminium-clad wood, uPVC, aluminium, and wood.

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The Best Type of Windows for the Home

Without a doubt, the benefits of getting a triple glazed window installation at home put them above and beyond any other type of window.

Aside from getting lower energy bills, better security for your home, and improved levels of comfort, they can also add value to a property and help it stand out on the market above any other similar sized properties.

At WDRS, we are experts in sourcing affordable triple glazing solutions for the home in and around London. Our team have a collective depth of experience that provides you with peace of mind that you are dealing with a highly reputable and trusted triple glazing company.

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