Soundproofed Windows and Doors in London

Regardless of whether you live in the countryside or in the middle of the city of London; you cannot avoid the issue of noise pollution. However, by soundproofing our windows and doors, you can get on with things, without interruption.

Noise pollution can come in many different forms; from passing aircraft, tube or railway noise, road traffic, and anti-social noise; where it comes from is often outside of your control, getting rid of the noise and soundproofing your property is something you have full control of.

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As a London Doors and Windows specialist company, we are often asked to help soundproof a home from passing tubes or trains, not to mention the requests that come from the city due to the naturally high levels of noise within the city boundaries.

The key to your noise pollution issues lies within your windows and doors; and at WDRS, we are experienced in helping our clients free themselves from unwanted noise pollution in their homes.

Single glazed windows are rarely effective at soundproofing and noise reduction due to the thin nature of the glass that is used. For this reason, the best soundproof windows will usually be double or triple-glazed window solutions.

Top Features of the Best Noise Reduction Windows

Micro Rubber Spacing

These are usually fitted around the windows, and they serve to create an effective barrier between the sill and the window frame.

Polyvinyl Butyral (PVB)

Within soundproofed glazing, the glass panes are usually separated by a layer of PVB. This is purpose-built to prevent sound within the 1000-3000Hz range. This is done by dissipating the sound waves. The result is an astounding sound reduction capacity of up to 10 decibels, which has a resultant effect of reducing the perceived noise interruption levels by 50%.

Vacuum Spacing

Because sound is unable to travel in a vacuum, advanced glazing units will utilise a vacuum between the glazing in order to stop any sound in its tracks.

Robust Security Glass Units

Toughened security glass can help provide additional protection from vandalism and infraction in any property. Not only does it deliver this additional layer of safeguarding, but it is also a genuine deterrent.

How does it work?

Security Glass units are typically comprised of two or more sheet of glass, with PVB interlayers. The entire unit is bonded together using a combination of pressure and heat. In the case of any breakage, the glass fragments will remain entirely intact and connected to the plastic interlayer. This means that the overall structure of the window will remain fully intact while it awaits any replacement works.

Security glass can be placed on either the internal or external panes of any double or triple glazed window, and it will always need to be used with an approved framing system. Different levels of security and safety can be attained by using different laminated glass panels of varying thickness.

There are a number of options of security glass units available, and at WDRS, we can discuss the options with you in person.

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